Self Evaluation for Paper 2

Self Evaluation for Paper 2 - 4. What is the thesis...

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K. Sanders ENGL 1301 Workshop for Persuasive Paper Organized by Comparison/Contrast 1. What are the two things being compared? Is one described as better than the other? Is the distinction clear? 2. Is there a paragraph on the coversheet explaining who the target audience is? Does it describe the audience’s demographics or characteristics? 3. Who is the audience? Is this made clear in the paper? Is the language geared towards the intended audience? Is there logical, emotional, and personal appeal geared towards their specific characteristics?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the thesis statement? Is it effective? Is there a forecast of the main points in the intro? 5. Is there evidence and backing to support the claims made? 6. How is the paper organized? Alternating detail or separation of detail. What points of comparison are being covered in the body paragraphs? 7. Is the presentation of both sides complete and accurate? 8. Are there call to action statements in the essay? Conclusion? Introduction? Strongest Points: Weakest Points:...
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Self Evaluation for Paper 2 - 4. What is the thesis...

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