Self Evaluation for Paper 3

Self Evaluation for Paper 3 - are they articles, books,...

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K. Sanders ENGL 1301 Self Evaluation for Paper 3 – Interpretive Paper Organized by Classification Use questions 1-9 during the proofreading/editing process of Paper 1. As you began editing your paper, you should have responses to these questions. You must fill this sheet out. Give examples. Once the paper is completed, describe the proofreading/editing process you went through in question 10. 1. What is the paper's topic and main purpose? Is it stated clearly in a thesis? Is the thesis underlined? 2. Does the introduction include a sentence that establishes the different classifications? Are there at least three categories of classification? 3. Is the paper organized by classification? Does the thesis correspond to the classification? 4. Are three different sources being used? Are two of the sources not from a internet website? (Meaning,
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Unformatted text preview: are they articles, books, magazines, etc.) 5. Are the sources being cited correctly? Are introductions to the cited material included? Does the author explain how this research is relevant to his/her topic? 6. Are the author's ideas being represented as opposed to the research material representing its own ideas? Is the body of the essay working to prove or support the thesis? Is there contradictory information and/or statements being made? 7. Is there a works cited page included, and is it documented correctly? 8. Strongest Points: 9. Weakest Points: 10. Write a comprehensive paragraph describing the process you went through to compose this paper. Elaborate on each step. Give examples....
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Self Evaluation for Paper 3 - are they articles, books,...

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