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Student Example Analysis Essay _2 - Last Name 1 First and...

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First and Last Name English 1301 K. Sanders Date Looking A Fool? “Shooting an Elephant”, by George Orwell, is a literary piece, held in place with a narrative structure, to tell a story of a man faced with a familiar dilemma that will alter his reputation based on his decision. The story takes place in a British-occupied Burma and focuses on a European policeman who is called to duty when an elephant becomes out of control destroying homes and injuring civilians. Just as the elephant makes its way out of the village and seems to have calmed down, our main character is faced with an inner struggle where he must kill the elephant, or risk his already tarnished reputation by leaving the animal alive and facing an angry crowd of villagers. Orwell presents a common human struggle and conflict in the form of an outcast trying to fit in. This literary story is intended to present the common theme of gaining acceptance, and conveys the author’s sense of a struggle through organizing by narration. The literary purpose of this piece is evident throughout the story in different forms and fashions. The story attempts to identify with readers through a common theme, which is acceptance. Orwell wraps up his story with the narrator stating, “I often wondered whether any of the others grasped that I had done it solely to avoid looking a fool” (Orwell 8). This sentence alone supports the theme in terms of being the main focus of the story. The main character based an important decision solely on whether he would look like a fool or not. It is also known that
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Student Example Analysis Essay _2 - Last Name 1 First and...

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