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Student Example Paper _3 (1)

Student Example Paper _3 (1) - Tong 1 Esaias Katie Sanders...

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Tong 1 Esaias Katie Sanders ENGL 1301 02/27/2009 Computer operating systems In this technological age, almost everyone has a computer. Over 1 billion computers have been sold worldwide since 2002. (Kanellos, Michael.) Behind all the hardware is the computer’s operating system, the magical platform of the computer. It helps to run the various computer applications simultaneously and manages your computer. A computer cannot function without it. The best computer operating system is the one that gives the user the least problems. The best computer operating system is a hard choice, as all the different computer operating systems have their own unique characteristics and specific uses. They have many common features and significant differences as well. When shopping for a computer operating system, the choices are generally one of three – Windows, Mac and Linux. Which one is the best operating system? To find out, we will look at both the pros and cons of the three computer operating systems. Although there are many frustrations with Windows, with the huge number of loopholes
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