Week 3-5 Plan Lab - Lauren and Drew Independent...

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WEEK 3 PLAN Tuesday WSS: Orientation, OH 201, Lab Tour (Martin), Read introduction to manual, notebook keeping Esaias: Extraction Fellows: • Gong: Purification of DMF reaction • Bruce and Kris: Purification of Step 1 in ether Wednesday Lauren: Solution Preparation HSA: Shadow for reaction set up ( Get Volunteers ) Esaias: Column (Work with Summer Fellow) Fellows: • Depending on Gong’s result—Set up O/N Mits. in DMF, Microwave next day • Continue two step reactions for yield optimization Thursday Lauren and Drew: Titration HSA: N -Piv reaction, Prepare PBS in biolab Esaias: Column (Independently)—From lab manual Friday Lauren and Drew: Extraction HSA: Finish N -Piv reaction (AM), Shadow fellows (PM) Esaias: Shadow a fellow Fellows: Mini meeting (begin to finalize ligand ideas) Potentially hydrogenations WEEK 4 PLAN Monday (Afternoon only—Everyone may come to lab) Lauren and Drew: Shadow columns with fellows HSA: Set up reactions with fellows Esaias: N -Piv reaction Tuesday
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Unformatted text preview: Lauren and Drew: Independent columns (maybe as a pair) HSA: Finish reactions, columns with fellows Esaias: Finish N-Piv in AM, Titration in afternoon (HSA encouraged to observe) Wednesday HSA: Resume Workshop (KP UNAVAILABLE UNTIL 1) Lauren and Drew: N-piv reaction Esaias: Set up ligand reaction Thursday Fellows Morning: Mini Meeting (Esaias please attend if possible)—At this meeting we will finalize your ligand plan Lauren and Drew: N-piv reaction finish HSA: None Friday Reading day. I will assign everyone a paper and an activity. Please do the reading and assignment, and record the hours you work at home. WEEK 5 PLAN FOR FELLOWS Monday : Outline paper Tuesday : Fellows send KP draft of paper Wednesday : SKYPE meetings 10–12 Thursday : Ligand research Friday : Ligand research SKYPE meetings 1–3 WEEK 5 PLAN FOR LAUREN AND DREW (ANNIE IS WELCOME TO JOIN) Mornings: Computer activities Afternoons: Shadow Sarah or Klay...
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Week 3-5 Plan Lab - Lauren and Drew Independent...

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