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Esaias Tong Assignment #4 – Democratic Party 2305-058 1. Who does this political party cater to? (who are the constituents - income level, educational level, age, gender, etc.) The Democratic Party generally caters to laborers of the working class, racial minorities and progressives. According to AP/Network Exit Polls of 2008, the party appeals to low family income laborers in the range of $0 to $30000. Americans who are not high school graduates or have not attended college tend to support the Democratic Party. However, Americans who are post-graduates also constitute an important part of the party. Women are also more likely than men to appeal to the Democratic Party. (Losco, Joseph, and Ralph Baker.) The party specifically caters to minority groups such as blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender) Americans. It is clear that these are the party’s main target groups as they each have a individual page to appeal to these minority groups in the party’s website ("People."). 2. Does anything in the Platform Preamble stand out to you? Please explain why it stands out. ‘Renewing the American Dream’ stood out to me the most in the Democratic Party’s Platform Preamble. In the Democratic Party’s Platform Preamble, “Today, at a defining in our history, the Democratic Party resolves to renew America’s promise”. ("About Jobs.") This touched me deeply as I believe that people should be able to ‘reap one bushel for each seed they sow’. The promise of the equal possibility and opportunity of success, based on individual diligence, innovation and talent gives me great hope for the future. 3. Where does the party stand on: a) Abortion Democrats believe abortion should be ‘safe, legal and rare’, but generally available. They believe in the privacy and equality of women, often referring to Roe v. Wade case. At the same time, they strongly support family planning and adoption incentives. ("The 2004 Democratic National Platform for
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Esaias Tong Assignment #4 – Democratic Party 2305-058 America.") They believe that the mother should have the right to choose to have abortion even if she cannot pay for it. They also think that every woman should have access to birth control. In the Democratic National Platform, the party stated that “Democrats stand behind the right of every woman to choose. We believe it is a constitutional liberty. This year’s Supreme Court ruling show us that eliminating a woman’s right to choose is only one justice away. Our goal is to make abortion more rare,
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Assignment 4 - Esaias Tong Assignment#4 Democratic Party...

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