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DB2 - In response to Kaela Kelly Yes I agree with Kaela...

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In response to Kaela Kelly: Yes, I agree with Kaela there is a possibility of stereotyping and that the cover may not be read correctly by others. However, I do not think that it would cause such a drastic effect by ‘dividing the government from the people’. The reason why is that the majority if not all the audience for the New Yorker is likely to get the joke. Second, for the small group which might not get the joke, they probably will not fully believe all the falsehoods depicted in the cover, and after reading the articles inside, I doubt they will have relatively more distrust of the Obama administration than before they read the article. I disagree with Kaela that the cover would ‘only’ reiterate wrongful notions and create a trust barrier between the people and the government. I think the New Yorker is pressing on important issues by publishing the cover – it calls for the citizens to debunk widespread rumors and falsehoods about Obama, promoting discussion about the situation itself. It may
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