DB3 - 1) Why does the U.S. still uses executions when other...

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1) Why does the U.S. still uses executions when other nations comparable in economics, politics, & social status do not? Economically, it costs much more money to incarcerate criminals for life for heinous crimes than to execute them. The total prison population in the US is 2,292,133 in 2009. US Prisons are overcrowding. The money used to accommodate prison rehabilitation is also a very big amount. It costs $134.94 a day for each criminal. ( http://www.co.lane.or.us/Departments/Sheriff/Corrections/Pages/CORFAQ17.aspx ) The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world. In 2009, 743 people were incarcerated per 100,000. ( http://www.kcl.ac.uk/depsta/law/research/icps/worldbrief/wpb_stats.php? ) Compared to other nations, the cost is much higher. Therefore, it is much more economical to execute criminals directly. Curiously, the death penalty in the United States is that people's views on the death penalty are highly correlated with other political views they have. Americans believe in freedom and self- reliance but also responsibility for our actions. Underlying that responsibility is we should pay the ultimate price if our acts are bad to a certain extent. In a highly individualistic society, we may worry more about how others exercises his/her freedom, especially where there aren't many public and private institutions to control that freedom. ( http://www.fathom.com/course/10701044/session1.html ) Compared to The minority groups in the US is very diverse compared to other countries. Minorities, especially Blacks and poor people are much more likely to be sentenced the death penalty than Whites and the affluent. The racial disparity is still prominent in the US and there is overwhelming evidence of discrimination in courts.( http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/death-penalty-black-and-white- who-lives-who-dies-who-decides ) Also, poor people cannot afford to hire a decent lawyer. They are represented by overworked court-appointed attorneys who vary greatly in quality. (Jeffery L. Johnson and Colleen F. Johnson
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DB3 - 1) Why does the U.S. still uses executions when other...

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