db5 reply - In response to Jordyn Schmidt Yes I agree with...

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In response to Jordyn Schmidt: Yes, I agree with Jordyn that healthcare does carry a substantial price tag with it, but the main reason health care in America is so expensive is because of all the middlemen and the often unnecessary lawsuits doctors face. If the middlemen were taken out, than a bigger amount of money could be saved and this could be applied to doctors wages, encouraging more doctors to take on the profession. Regulation of lawsuits would also contribute to lower costs of quality healthcare. The only problem is that certain wealthy elites who benefit from no universal healthcare would disagree to these proposals. Jordyn also stated that it would be unfair to those who live healthy lifestyles. I disagree with Jordyn because even if you are a healthy individual who does not get sick much, you could still get injured and it is still imperative to get a health plan. At any given moment you can get sick and at any given time you could get in an accident. Without healthcare you could really destroy yourself financially in the blink of an eye. The obese or smokers should not be discriminated either. Some people may have a genetic predisposition to
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db5 reply - In response to Jordyn Schmidt Yes I agree with...

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