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Esaias Tong Extra Credit #2 GOVT 2305-058 Out of all the candidates for the Republican party for the presidency, I think the two most viable candidates are Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr. The reason why I believe they are both viable candidates for the Republican nomination is that they have extensive political experience and measurable accomplishments in both public service and private sectors. They both have business backgrounds, giving them a realistic chance to challenge Obama on the progress and direction of the American economy. They both have a national reputation as governors, giving them the opportunity to differentiate their decision-making abilities and records with Obama. They are governors who emphasize their decisiveness, presenting themselves as ‘men of action instead of deliberation’, which might gain appeal for voters. Huntsman and Romney have won all of the statewide elections, performing better comparatively than the Republicans normally do in their respective states. In Utah, Huntsman won 64% of the gubernatorial vote while 2008 Republican nominee Mccain won only 62% of the presidential vote in the respective year. Romney has considerable popularity in Massachusetts, winning a five point victory in Massachusetts although the Republicans were weak in the state because it just ran four candidates out of the ten House districts in 2002. (Joyner, James.) This shows that they have considerable power in appealing to some Democrat voters. They also both have moderate political views and may be able to sway the votes of independents, necessary for the Republicans to have a fighting chance against Obama for the presidential election. Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan and was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He attended Cranbrook School and in 1971 received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. He also received both a law degree and an MBA from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School in 1975. Mitt Romney married Ann Davies in 1969 and has five sons. He was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 ("Mitt Romney Biography."), showing both credentials and experience in the field of politics.
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extra credit #2 - Esaias Tong Extra Credit #2 GOVT 2305-058...

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