nick plumb - I have never voted, since the age of majority...

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I have never voted, since the age of majority I have been serving in the military, and saw little reason in voting by mail. Mail-in ballots are not counted unless there is a tie, and in a state as predictable as Texas and the use of the electoral college my vote was never going to get looked at. Additionally, in 2008 I felt very apprehensive with either or the two main parties nominees. Senator McCain showed promise to me; his prior military experience and tenure in the Senate were very positive factors in my assessment. However, his lack of judgment in selecting the train wreck that is Sarah Palin left him a best of the worst option for me. President Obama rode the wave of change, and used his superior social skills in catapulting him to the nomination over a much more qualified Hillary Clinton; I could not however get over his lack of experience and his lack of specific means to initiate the change he promised. I expect that our government shall continually have our best interests as a nation in mind. I expect our government to uphold the treatises it enters into, foreign and domestic, and to uphold my integrity as an American when conducting affairs abroad. I feel that our Government has lapsed on their end of the bargain and has allowed us to become a much weaker nation than what I was born into. In recent years we have sold our debt to China, ignored our foreign policy in such escapades as the trial of children soldiers despite our status as a signee in an “Optional Child Soldier Protocol” that would exempt children soldiers from prosecution, and exposed our citizens to hate and rage world wide with military occupations and less than stellar conduct. The government has been ineffective as of late and is not upholding the integrity that is America. We are losing
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nick plumb - I have never voted, since the age of majority...

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