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Esaias Tong ` This documentary is about the greatest information breach ever to take place in US History. The main issues discussed in the documentary are the biography of Bradley Manning, the chain of events and factors leading to the massive leak of classified documents, Assange’s ideological beliefs and his conflict with the newspapers. In the video, Bradley Manning is introduced and described in pathological and demographical terms. He was a 22-year-old intelligence analyst who had a history of trouble and was frequently harassed in the army’s boot camp. On Facebook he shared his personal life, liking “Gay Marriage”, joining groups like “Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and even posted signs and pictures of his participation in gay rights rallies. (WikiSecrets | FRONTLINE | PBS Video) I think this suggests the intelligence analyst’s choice to leak out classified information was partly pathological as he held certain grudges towards the Army and was politically active against certain Army policies like “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. When his male partner, Tyler Watkins, broke up with Manning, he felt abandoned. (WikiSecrets | FRONTLINE | PBS Video) Such an
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assignment original - Esaias Tong 2305-058 & extra...

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