Outline - Businessmen emerging social class People are like...

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REMEMBER TO COMPARE!!!!!!! US and China Part a US is democratic, China is still authoritarian, borderline totalitarian, because it watches people closely, contrast and compare President HuJinBo. Yes, Probably has legislature and judiciary Current leader is HuJinBo – short autobiography Any checks and balances? The President (formerly, Chairman) and Vice President are elected by the National People's Congress for five-year terms. The President is the head of state . Part b China - Political involvement is low to none, no voting rights? America – Citizens may involve themselves in politics by voting for state and federal Part c China is authoritarian, because of … Define authoritarian, and perhaps compare with totalitarian. Part d Has written law Part E Religion is controlled(name some legislation) and new religions must first consult the government before practice Very diverse ethnicities and many minority groups. The Da Lama in Tibet, Mongolians, Hans(biggest), etc…
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Unformatted text preview: Businessmen emerging social class People are like Part F Social service programs Universal health care? No? Part G May be a good system towards development. China is a very big country with 1.X billion people of different diverse ethnic groups. It can very easily break up as the Tibets have shown. I think the current government is a good way to unify all of China, but In the long run, it should gradually develop towards democracy? Other China has made great progress considerably in the past decade. Economic Economic booming, GDP increased even in economic recession, recently surpassed Japan America may lose no.1 in a decade Political The Communist party still has a strong grip on the people, government and country America does not have a strong grip? Government Body Comprised of one party US Comprised of 2 parties Republican and Democrats Social Society is group mentality Society is individualism...
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Outline - Businessmen emerging social class People are like...

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