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List of proteins and enzymes covered in BIO 311C: Aquaporin Na+-K+ pump H+ pump Sucrose-H+ cotransporter Kinases Phosphatases Adenylyl cyclase Phosphodiesterase Hexokinase Phosphofructokinase ATP synthase Rubisco PEP Carboxylase SSB Helicase DNA pol I and III DNA Ligase RNA polymerase
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Unformatted text preview: • RNA polymerase I, II, III • Ribonuclease • Poly A polymerase • Amino acyl tRNA synthase • Peptidyl transferase • Beta-galactosidase • Trans Acetylase • Permease • Histones • Restriction endonuclease • Nuclease (check nucleotide excision repair slide)...
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Names_of_all_proteins_and_enzymes_covered_in_BIO_311C - •...

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