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General Models of Development

General Models of Development - General Models of...

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General Models of Development - Increment model - Learning theory - Stages Model 1. Freud 2. Piaget 3. Erikson Freud’s Psychosexual Stages (see Table 12.1) - Focused on the sexual development - Believed people can be fixed at a stage - Low stage hostile, curse. Problems - Cant test with empirical methods - Exaggerated on sex - People develop after age 15, but Freud’s model did not account. Piaget Theory (see Table 5.1) - Focus on cognitive development Maria Monorsory multi-sensory development Learning disability, mental retardation Tradition believe does not exist. Object permanence - If a object exists, babies will look for it. Stranger Anxiety - Babies are afraid of strangers, mobile, put in contact of strangers Grammar skills (logical reasoning) Loyalty (abstract concepts) Egocentrism
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- They think what in their mind is what in your mind. Conservation - Don’t know when things change shape change size - Master Math 2+3=5, 5-3=2 Formal operational, abstract reasoning - From age 12, relative abstract reasoning.
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