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Chapter 8 Memory - Ch.8 Memory A Definition Persistence of...

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Ch.8 Memory A. Definition – Persistence of Learning over time B. Forgetting Curve – Ebbinbhaus 1. Goal - Study memory and forgetting in a lab 2. Materials and Apparatus - Compared subjects with no meaning so there is no association - Made lists of words with 3-letter CVCs(Constant-Vowel-Constants) so the lists are equal in difficulty - These nonsense syllables do not resemble any of the popular languages so everyone had the same advantage. - Also used the memory drum to control time the subject saw the CVC, this can control the time between words 3. Findings #of Repetitions List Length 1 7 13 10 4. Serial Position Effect - J ust adding 3 extra items needed 12 more repetitions(see above) interference Primacy Effect - Among earlier list items, the first few items are recalled more frequently than the middle items Recency Effect
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- When asked to recall a list of items in any order (free recall), people tend to begin recall with the end of the list, recalling those items best - The bold serial position effect
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  • Spring '07
  • Pennebaker
  • Memory processes, Serial position effect, recency effect, Materials and Apparatus, mass training effect, Effortful Processing Aids

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