Chapter 10 Motivation - Chapter 10 Motivation A) Definition...

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Chapter 10 Motivation A) Definition - Why we behave as we do. Why? - Deweck – Fixed or Mallaeable intelligence - Entity vs. Incremental Model - People tend to think motivation, IQ are fixed as if personality/characteristic is a living entity - Incremental model, can grow in any way up or down under ‘my’ control B) 3 Types of Motivation 1. Push: Drives A) Usually biological - Biological drives push us to behave. B) Homeostatic Principle - Homeostatic principle states we are in steady state until we are hungry get the food - Conservative approach, doesn’t give reason for change C) Energize behavior - Train dog before feeding - Motivate animals, thresholds lower - Behavior= Instinct x Drive - Learning is driven by instinct - Buffalo Kill
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2. Pull: Incentive/Rewards     A) Drive/Incentive - Not Mutually Exclusive     - Food can be drive/Incentives (Coin has 2 sides) - Incentives can be biologically driven and can be learned B) Lend to learning Behavior     C) Se le ctivity/Dire ctiona lity     - Ask person directions to place across town, serves as incentives hardware store/liquor stores - What do you see/perceive what person you are. 3. Purpose: Maintaining Guide for Behavior     C) Proble m s with Conce pt of Motiva tion     1. Excuse – Wa ste Ba ske t Usa ge     - Not motivated is an excuse 2. No agreement on what are the basic motivators     D) Why do we ne e d conce pt?     1. Be ha vior Vigor Va rie s     - Varies from moment to moment but learning is permanent 2. Behaviors have direction     Dire cte d a t goa l/ince ntive 3. Be ha viors a re guide d by long-te rm goa ls    
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Chapter 10 Motivation - Chapter 10 Motivation A) Definition...

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