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script of born to talk - BORN TO TALK STEVEN PINKER Do you...

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Sheet1 Page 1 BORN TO TALK STEVEN PINKER Do you know what this thing's called? It's called a "wug." ALAN ALDA (NARRATION) Three - year old Peter is learning a new word. PETER Wug. ALAN ALDA (NARRATION) So, for that matter, am I. STEVEN PINKER I've got another one... ALAN ALDA (NARRATION) Our teacher is Steven Pinker, a psychologist who believes children have an instinct for language. STEVEN PINKER I've got two of them... I've got two... PETER Wugs. STEVEN PINKER That's right. ALAN ALDA (NARRATION) It's kids' astonishing ability to soak up language that's led Pinker to conclude we must be born wit STEVEN PINKER That's called a "toma. " Can you say toma? PETER No. STEVEN PINKER No? That's a hard one? Can you say toe? PETER Toe. STEVEN PINKER Can you say ma? PETER Ma. STEVEN PINKER Can you say toe-ma? PETER Toma STEVEN PINKER Oh, you can say it! I knew you could say it. ALAN ALDA (NARRATION) Pinker and his colleagues at MIT have taught nonsense words to hundreds of kids to see if they'l STEVEN PINKER If that's a toma, and that's a toma, I have two... PETER Tomas STEVEN PINKER That's exactly what I've got.
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Sheet1 Page 2 STEVEN PINKER Human language is very, very special. It's not like most of the mechanical language devices that we have s ALAN All these incredible things.. STEVEN PINKER All of these amazing things..
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