Chapter 13 Psychological Disorder

Chapter 13 Psychological Disorder - C hapter 13 A....

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Chapter 13 A. Importance of Definition 1. Percy Foreman – Wrongful Institutionalization - trial lawyer in Texas 60s -70s active - Laws need to be changed institutionalization 2. David Rusehan –Inadequate Basis for Diagnosis B. Approaches to Defining abnormal/what is mental illness 1. Statistical Frequency - Frequency too high abnormal - Advantage: too some extent, objective - Disadvantage: do not look at low-frequency behaviors 2. Social Standards - Advantage: democratic, adapt to different countries - Disadvantage: Subjective, minorities are at disadvantage, homosexuals victims, not defending the weak 3. Adaptive - Advantage: centered on person, behaving success/self-dependent - Disadvantage: (???gap in notes) 4. Subjective Feelings - Normal range good self-perception know how they’re doing - How are you doing? What do you think is the problem? 5. Legal Definition - Doesn’t know right from wrong
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- Advantage: (???gap in notes) - Disadvantage: know what is wrong, but enjoys doing it anyways flawed C. Characteristics of Emotional Health
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Chapter 13 Psychological Disorder - C hapter 13 A....

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