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Chapter 7 Review 1. The sequence of operations in finishing the interior of a lightwood framed building goes as fallows. The interior walls and partitions are framed. After the interior walls are up all of the equipment is roughed in. There then needs to be a building inspection. After the first building inspection the thermal insulation and vapor retard can be installed. A second building inspection is then required. The walls and ceiling can be put on and finishes can then be applied. Then all of the MPE fixtures, devices, trim, and appliances are the last pieces to go in. It is done this way because of the different inspections that are required and it makes the most sense cost wise and production wise for the builder. 2. Two alternatives ways to insulate walls is to use radiant barriers and airtight dry walling. A radiant barrier is a thin sheet on paneling that is faced with metal foil. This is used to help reflect infrared radiation. The airtight dry walling controls the
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