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1. Next to gospel music and kwaito, mbaqanga was one of the most popular musical styles in South African musical history. What are the social and cultural factors shaping mbaqanga and how did they contribute to mbaqanga musicians’ popularity? OR 2. Solomon Linda’s “Mbube” is one of South Africa’s best known songs – or least known songs, because both its composer’s identity and broader cultural origin are known but to a few listeners. “A Lion’s Trail” documents the history of the song and the plight of Linda’s daughters as they seek to save their father’s legacy. What are the positive aspects of the film, and which ones might have to be seen in a more critical light? OR 3. In his book, Ross talks of a “displaced correlation of social structure and practice” as one of the main hallmarks of South African history. What does he mean by this and why is this concept useful for understanding the role of black music in South African society? Give at least three examples of musical styles/genres/traditions discussed in class to support your argument.
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Unformatted text preview: Your essay must be at least 10 pages long, double-spaced, top, bottom, left and right margins not larger than 1’. It must be in Word format and emailed to me by May 14, 12PM (this is to be confirmed). In preparation of the essay each student must schedule an appointment with me at least once between April 1 and May 6. (If you need more assistance, feel free to schedule several appointments. I’m here to help you.) To schedule an appointment go to http://www.appointmentquest.com/provider/2020157331. Be sure to refer to as many musical examples as possible. Listen to the examples on the website; use the composer’s name (if known) and the title of the song. Be specific about dates, places, individual names. Spell them correctly. If you do not know or don’t remember details, email me or look up addition information on the internet. If you quote from the required readings or the internet, reference the source. Do not commit plagiarism; I’ll find out....
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