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Music Notes - Text has a little African and Missionaries o...

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Ntsikana’s(dzeegana)- o Head of small place. o Xosa speaker. o Saw lightning during the day that gave him a notion that it was a sign from the heavens and that he should convert to Christianity. o “Great Hymn” [song]- chorus overlaps Some call and response Recorded in the 1950’s Hymn stands from 1820’s
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Unformatted text preview: Text has a little African and Missionaries o John Knox Bokwe (1855-1922)- he learned song “Great Hymn” from grandparents (Ntsikana was already dead when he was born) o Ntsikiana’s Hymn was transcribed by Bokwe o Selborne T. Bokwe READ: CH 2 African Stars...
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