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Thank you letter - Target My desire to work in a company...

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Your address Rebecca Gatewood 3702 RR 620 S Bee Cave, TX 78738 Dear. Ms. Gatewood, I wanted to thank you sincerely for taking time in interviewing me yesterday. I enjoyed being able to discuss offers that help enrich employees’ communication skills and learning abilities in Target. Learning about these types of programs, ensures me that these types of skills are important for the summer internships you offer. My ability to learn at a fast pace, increasing knowledge in communication, intuitive desire to work with people, and fluent Spanish speaking and writing would be a great contribution to
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Unformatted text preview: Target. My desire to work in a company that understands the importance of communication within its employees is strong and it helps to know it’s one of Target’s priorities. If you would like any further information feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing about your decision in regards to the summer internship. Once again thank you for taking your time in interviewing me, and please express my heartfelt thanks to the rest of the team. Sincerely, (your name)...
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