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Executive Summary - Executive Summary This report analyzes...

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Executive Summary This report analyzes how The Apprentice ’s first season is used as teaching tool, emphasizing the importance of communication skills in the business world. The research explains if communication skills were a deciding factor in who stayed on the show and skills that weren’t emphasized. The Apprentice and the Deciding Factor In The Apprentice , 16 professionals compete in a series of challenges for a chance to win a $250,000 salary and a leadership role in one of Donald Trump’s enterprises. The challenges consisted of competing amongst each other in communication activities. The ones who performed the best would advance to the next round and would not have Trump say “You’re fired!” The main skills demonstrated in the show were: leadership, interpersonal, presentation, negotiation, teamwork, and ethical. These were all criticized by contestants where “leadership skills and interpersonal skills were the most frequent subject of criticism.” If Trump and his
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