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MEMO 1 - hours Day-shift employees • Park in your...

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DataTech MEMORANDUM DATE: September 22, 2009 TO: All Employees FROM: Stephanie Campbell, Human Resources Director SUBJECT: Parking Information at DATATECH I want to inform you about parking at DataTech. Certain guidelines must be followed in order to avoid being ticketed. All employees must register their cars and display the registration sticker on the back bumper on the driver’s side. Stickers are available in the Human Resources Division during regular business
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Unformatted text preview: hours. Day-shift employees: • Park in your assigned spaces in Lots A or B. • Do not park in the curbside parking before 3:30 p.m. Swing-shift employees: • Park in any space. • Do not park in the handicapped, van pool, or car pool areas. If you have any questions regarding the parking guidelines, please call the Human Resources Department....
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