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_____________________________________________________________________________ _ MEMORANDUM _____________________________________________________________________________ _ DATE: October 8, 2009 TO: Professor FROM: SUBJECT: Group I Presentation Peer Review Hello Cole, I wanted to inform you about Friend 1 and Friend 2’s collaboration for the Leadership Communication Presentation. Friend 1 communicated with the group very well throughout the preparation process. Though she forgot to let the group know she wouldn’t be able to attend a meeting until a later time, her contribution helped the group significantly. She was well prepared for all our meetings with various information we’d be able to use and had good ideas for our attire. Our shirts were red, white, and blue for a reason. We agreed it would be a great idea to be
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Unformatted text preview: somewhat patriotic when making a presentation about a man who was so influential to millions of people. Friend 2s input to the group presentation was very well organized. Everything he was in charge of emailing was sent on time and was well prepared. He was late to one meeting but contributed by finding articles that helped create the skeleton of our outline. His calm and positive personality reassured us that we would have a fantastic outcome the day of presenting. Overall I very glad to have such a great group who collaborated well. If you have any questions regarding my two group members contact me at [email protected] Thank you....
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