Ethics 4 - LEB Assignment#4 Blackwater Worldwide Blackwater...

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LEB Assignment #4 Blackwater Worldwide Blackwater Worldwide is a private security contractor in the United States that mainly works for the government helping soldiers in Iraq stay safe. Because employees have acted unethically, Iraqi’s see them as reckless Americans who act on impulse. Due to bad publicity their name has changed to Xe Services and their company’s executives and mission had to be restructured. In the following, I will explain in further detail why I chose this company and see it as one of the most unethical that just needs a small push to become a better company. Blackwater Worldwide was founded in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. Gary Jackson, former president describes Blackwater as a "company [who] will continue to provide personnel protective services for high-threat environments when needed by the US government 1 ”. Over 90% of their contracts were received by the United States government and one of their locations was Iraq. On September 2007, Iraqis faced a terrible shooting. The Nisour Square Shooting is known because Blackwater guards shot at innocent civilians wounding many and leaving twelve dead. Iraqis who witnessed this shooting mentioned that Blackwater convoys went toward traffic, halted traffic, and began shooting. Why did Blackwater do this? The guards claim that Iraqi civilians began shooting at them after a car bomb had exploded. According to eyewitnesses this never
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Ethics 4 - LEB Assignment#4 Blackwater Worldwide Blackwater...

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