LEB Notes - ii 1937-1981 Liberal majority iii...

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1. Current Supreme Court Justices a. Has final say b. Constitution written in the 1700’s making it vague i. Brief in discussing certain stuff c. Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means d. Stevens-89 oldest member of SC. Classic strongest liberal in SC e. Ginsburg-Liberal voter. President Clinton’s pick f. Breyer-Clinton’s other pick g. Sotomayor-Only justice Obama has selected h. Kennedy-Slightly more conservative but causes swing vote more moderate neutralish; least predictable i. Alito-Bush’s pick j. Roberts-Bush’s Pick; Chief Justice k. Thomas-Conservative l. Solia-Conservative m. President nominates you once they think you’re ok you get in and you’re in the Supreme Court for life 2. History a. Liberal justices see big picture not literal b. Conservatives apply law literally; read part of the Costitution and apply it the way it’s seen everytime c. Many legal issues with literals and non-literals d. SUPREME COURTS SINCE 1900’S i. 1900-1937-Conservative majority
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Unformatted text preview: ii. 1937-1981- Liberal majority iii. 1982-now-Moderate Majority e. 1937- the shift from conservative to liberal i. FDR ii. Supreme court was controlled by conservatives 6C-3L iii. Fireside chats were aimed at Supreme Court that if they didn’t start passing the laws he would pack the House and Liberals would overrule the Conservatives 1. Threat was enough to go from a 6C-3L to a 4C-5L 3. Current Cases i. Texas vs. EPA 1. Environmental Protection Agency wants to lower standards to have cleaner air standards. 2. Article 1 Section 1 of Constitution: all legislative power shall be vested in the Congress 3. Literalists argument bringing this article using the word ALL 4. How can EPA create a law when they aren’t Congress. This is an argument 5. State of Texas may base this case on 10 th amendment. ii. Free Speech 1. Corporations get a little more free speech but not as much....
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LEB Notes - ii 1937-1981 Liberal majority iii...

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