LEB Syllabus - Legal & Ethical Environment of Business...

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Spring 2010 Professor John R. Allison TTH 11:00-12:0 p.m. Unique # 03420, GSB 2.124 TTH 2:00-3:30 p.m. Unique # 03435, UTC 4.134 You must attend the section for which you are registered . Social order is essential to successful commerce. As one of the primary means for maintaining social order, legal principles and processes facilitate the creation and operation of markets by providing necessary assurance to investors, sellers, buyers, employees, and others that their reasonable commercial expectations will be realized. While serving this positive function, however, law simultaneously operates as the most pervasive external constraint on business decision making. Customary ethical norms also constitute a significant factor in both the maintenance of social order and the imposition of external constraints on business. In educating business students about the legal, regulatory, and ethical environment of business, we attempt to achieve at least the following objectives: (1) To improve students’ skills in recognizing and managing legal and ethical risks in business decision making. (2) To enhance students’ understanding of legal processes so that they can use those processes more effectively and efficiently in business decision making. (3) To assist students in making more ethical decisions and designing organizations that act more ethically. (4) To further development of analytical problem-solving skills. (5) To give students a greater appreciation for the role of law in society, both domestically and internationally. (6) To enhance students’ communication skills. Professor's Office Hours and Contact Information: CBA (North) 5.246; Wednesday 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. [Note that I will be out of the office on Wed. Feb. 3, and will make other arrangements for any students who wanted to see me that day.] Other hours upon request--if you need to see me and have a conflict with my office hours, do not hesitate to ask; I will make myself available—just send me an e-mail and we’ll make an appointment. E-Mail: < John.Allison@mccombs.utexas.edu >. Phone: 471-9435. Although I welcome communication from students by any means, I strongly encourage you to make use of e-mail to communicate with me; I check it frequently, including most weekends. If you have questions or observations about what we are studying, or anything else, e- mail is most efficient. I will be using Blackboard in this class for posting assignments, announcements, and materials. A copy of the syllabus will be on Blackboard at the “Syllabus” link (naturally). Each week, I will put reading assignments for the next week on the screen in the room. I will also post the assignments on Blackboard under Assignments. I will report grades on eGradebook. I use e-mail frequently to communicate with the class, and will use the e-mail address that you have listed with UT. If you prefer a different e-mail address than the one UT has for you, you must change it officially with UT or you will miss important class-related messages
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LEB Syllabus - Legal &amp; Ethical Environment of Business...

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