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Frontline Solutions – Proposed Recommendations Frontline Solutions proposes a number of recommendations to help UTeach’s recruiting effort. Throughout the past few months, UTeach Outreach has been trying to increase the number of volunteers that help with the Science Olympics. Our first recommendation is to have the UTeach Outreach coordinator speak to First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) in the College of Education and College of Natural Sciences. Since freshmen are new to the school they are generally more optimistic and have more free time to attend training sessions, making them a great target for new volunteers. In The Necessary Art of Persuasion, the four essential steps were: to establish credibility, frame their goals in a way that identifies common ground with those that are being persuaded, reinforce positions using vivid language and evidence, and to connect with the audience emotionally. The coordinator must connect with the audience relating the Science Olympics to them and how it would benefit them. Not only would the freshmen receive more responsibility by obtaining time management skills, but they learn to network and build relationships with those that volunteer. If past volunteers told the FIGs stories about their experience and how it helped them grow it would encourage the freshmen and it would help them connect emotionally. Freshmen want to make have
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Frontline Solutions - recommendations - Frontline Solutions...

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