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Frontline Solutions – Proposed Solutions Frontline Solutions is working on a number of preliminary solutions to help UTeach’s recruiting effort. Throughout the past few months, UT Outreach has been trying to gain volunteers to help with the Science Olympics. Our first solution is that more emphasis should be placed on recruiting at all the schools at the University of Texas. Rather that just recruiting at the College of Natural Sciences, they could do several other things to increase the number volunteers. One method is having the UTeach Outreach coordinator speak at first year interest group courses in the College of Education. The Science Olympics directly relates to the students’ field of study, and freshmen are generally more optimistic and have more free time to attend training sessions and volunteer. It is also important to reach out to the College of Education because these students are being schooled and trained to teach. There are several organizations within the college that participate in volunteer activities and Science Olympics would be a
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Frontline Solutions - Solutions - Frontline Solutions...

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