LDE 2 - April 8, 2010 MAN 336 LDE #2 As the Greenboro Plant...

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MAN 336 April 8, 2010 LDE #2 As the Greenboro Plant manager knowing that my plant would be the main target to a large amount of terminations would trouble me because I would believe my employees to be top-notch. Tactics I would use begin with influencing without authority. Not stressing authority would let Carter’s group put their guard down, which allows some leeway to reaching out to them better. One of my key tactics to persuade Carter’s group would be for them to develop relationships with my employees by developing a relationship with me. Most of the people in Webster Industries had good relations with each other which would be a big advantage in this case. I would explain how our employees see this company as a family because Abe would allow them to remain in the company even through their hard times. Now would be a time to repay Abe and help him through the company’s hard times. Firing my personnel would be a short term gain for the company but in the long run it could hurt the company and my coworkers would lose trust in the company. For
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LDE 2 - April 8, 2010 MAN 336 LDE #2 As the Greenboro Plant...

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