HYDROCARBONS_ - Hydrocarbons HC/ALQ/P.1 Hydrocarbons...

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Hydrocarbons HC/ALQ/P.1 Hydrocarbons 91(I)1. C H 3 C H CH 2 E (a) Using E , give reagents and a mechanism to explain what is meant by each of the following : A reaction obeying Markownikoff’s rule. A polymerisation. ( 4 marks ) 91(II)7.(a) State with explanation, what you would observe in each of the following experiments, and write equations for the reactions. (i) A mixture of pentane and bromine in tetrachloromethane is exposed to sunlight. (ii) Propene is bubbled into aqueous alkaline potassium manganate(VII). ( 5 marks ) 93(II)9.(b) Outline the mechanism for the reaction between but-1-ene and HBr to give bromobutane. Explain why 2-bromobutane is the major product, rather than 1-bromobutane. ( 3 marks ) 94(I)3.(a) (ii) Dehydration of C gives 3 products, E , F and G all with the formula C 4 H 8 . On treatment with ozone followed by hydrolysis, E gives methanal among other products, but F and G do not give methanal. Give structures for E , F and G and an equation for the ozonolysis reaction involving E . CH 3 CH 2 CHCH 3 OH C ( 4 marks )
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Hydrocarbons HC/ALQ/P.2 94(I)3.(b) (i) Give the major product from the reaction : CH 3 CH=CH 2 + HBr (ii) Outline the mechanism of this reaction. Another product is also formed. Give its structure and account for the fact that it is only the minor product. ( 4 marks )
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HYDROCARBONS_ - Hydrocarbons HC/ALQ/P.1 Hydrocarbons...

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