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Chapter 21 Review CON252

Chapter 21 Review CON252 - 3 The two most common finishes...

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Chapter 21 Review 1. Aluminum protects itself from corrosion. It can be finished with a wide variety of finishes. It can also be fabricated into many different shapes. 2. A stick system is small and easy to ship and it can be adjusted on the jobsite, combating unforeseen conditions. A panel system is larger in volume but is easier to assemble on the job site.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The two most common finishes for aluminum are anodizing and fluoropolymer. Anodizing is done by passing electricity through the metal, causing the coloring agent to adhere. It is very durable and can be in many colors. Fluoropolymer is a thick paint coating and also is very durable. It also comes in many colors including metallic finishes....
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