6_Eq - < eq/AL90P2_1a 1(a Consider the following...

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<<< eq/AL90P2_1a 1 (a) Consider the following equilibrium at constant pressure: A 2 (g) + 3B 2 (g) 2AB 3 (g) A mixture of 4.0 mol of A 2 (g) and 12.0 mol of B 2 (g) was placed in a vessel of volume 20.0 dm 3 , and heated to 565 K. When the system had reached equilibrium, it was found that 4.0 mol of AB 3 (g) was present. (i) Calculate the concentration of each species of equilibrium. (ii) Calculate the equilibrium constant of this reaction at 565 K. (iii) When the volume of the vessel was increased and the system allowed to come to a new equilibrium at the same temperature, 9.0 mol of B 2 (g) was found to be present. Calculate the new volume. (7 marks) <<< eq/AL90P2_2b 2. (b) Solid silver nitrate was slowly dissolved in a solution Q containing ethanedioate and chromate(VI) ions of concentrations 2.50 x 10 -2 M and 1.44 x 10 -5 M respectively. (i) When a permanent precipitate of silver ethanedioate first appeared, the concentration of silver ions in the solution was 2.50 x 10 -5 M. Calculate the solubility product of silver ethanedioate. (ii) The dissolving of solid silver nitrate in solution Q was continued until a permanent red precipitate of silver chromate(VI) first appeared. Calculate the concentrations of silver ions and ethanedioate ions in that instant. Also calculate the number of moles of silver ethanedioate precipitated from 1.00 dm 3 of the solution. [K sp of silver chromate(VI) is 1.2 x 10 -12 mol 3 dm -9 ] (7 marks) <<< eq/AL92P1_4 4. The solubility of M(OH) 2 in water at room temperature is about 0.02 mol dm -3 . Determine the solubility product at room temperature of the sample of pure anhydrous M(OH) 2 provided. (a) Outline the principle of the method you propose to use. (4 marks) (b) Briefly describe the procedure and give the apparatus and reagents that are required. (6 marks) <<< eq/ AL93_2c 2. (c) 1.7750 g of a chloride-containing compound R was dissolved in water. To this solution, 1.00 cm 3 of 0.0010 M K 2 CrO 4 was added and the mixture was titrated with 0.250 M silver nitrate solution. After 46.00 cm 3 of the titrant had been added, a permanent red colour appeared and the volume of the solution at this point was exactly 250.0 cm 3 . Given K sp of AgCl = 1.5 × 10 -10 mol 2 dm -6 K sp of Ag 2 CrO 4 = 9.0 × 10 -12 mol 3 dm -9 (i) Determine the concentrations of CrO 4 2- , Ag + and Cl - in the solution at the end point of the titration. (ii)
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6_Eq - < eq/AL90P2_1a 1(a Consider the following...

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