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Periodicity <<< PERIOD/AL88P1_2a 2. (a) Elements exhibit periodic behaviour as their atomic numbers increases. Illustrate graphically the periodicity of two such properties of the elements from hydrogen (Z=1) to argon (Z=18). (Label the two vertical axes.) (4 marks) <<< PERIOD/AL90P2_4a 4. (a) Account for the following observations. The first ionization energies of the second row elements are in the order Li < B < C < O < N < F < Ne. (4 marks) <<< PERIOD/AL91P2_4a 4. (a) (i) Briefly explain what is meant by periodicity in the chemical properties of the elements.
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Unformatted text preview: (ii) Draw diagrams showing the variations in melting points (or boiling point) and first ionization energy, for the elements from lithium to argon. Explain the change in ionization energy between nitrogen and oxygen. (7 marks) <<Period/AL98P1_3b>> 3. (b) Sketch the trends for the properties mentioned in (I), (ii), and (iii) below, and account for the trend in each case. (i) melting point of the alkali metals, Li, Na and K. (ii) boiling point of the Period 3 elements, Na, Mg and Al....
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