CIS321_W5_iLab_Milestone_4_PartII_Solution-1 - Week 5...

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Week 5: Milestone 4, Part II Solution CIS321_W5_iLab_Milestone_4_PartII_Solution .docx Page 1 Data Modeling: Fully-Attributed ERD Employee PK EmployeeID EmployeeLastName EmployeeFirstName EmployeeOfficePhone FK1 ClassID FK2 BuildingID Equip_Repair PK EquipRepairID FK1 CheckOutID EquipDamage EquipRepairCost EquipRepairDate EquipName Skill_Classification PK ClassID ClassDescription Tracked_Equip PK,FK1 EquipID EquipSerialNum EquipAisle Untracked_Equip PK,FK1 EquipID EquipBin EquipQtyOnHand Check_Out_Transaction PK CheckOutID QtyCheckedOut DateCheckedOut ExpectRtnDate FK2 EquipID FK1 EmployeeID Equipment PK,FK1 EquipID EquipName CostPerUnit Purchase_Request PK PurchaseRequestID PurchaseRequestEquipmentID PurchaseRequestReason PurchaseRequestDate FK1 EmployeeID FK2 CheckOutID Purchase_Order PK PurchaseOrderNum EquipVendor QtyOrdered CostPerUnit DateOrdered DateReceived FK2 EquipID FK1 PurchaseRequestID Makes a Purchases Checks In/Out Has Checks In/Out Is a Is a Has Caused By Ordered Equip_Skill
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CIS321_W5_iLab_Milestone_4_PartII_Solution-1 - Week 5...

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