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Acct412 instructor posed reply2

Acct412 instructor posed reply2 - using the instructions...

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Christina DiGusto L23599763 17th Aug. 2011 Module 8 RE: Instructor Posed Forum 4 (Module 8) Joyce, I hope you look at the instructions for the 1120S Schedule M-2 for the year 2008. The Internal Revenue Service puts out new instructions for every year because of the changes that are made. Most changes that are made have to do the inflations or the rise of the cost of living. I have always had a problem using the tax software for these tax problems. I just do them by hand
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Unformatted text preview: using the instructions from 2008. I do not know why I have a problem using the software, but I am able to do the returns by hand using the instructions. I guess, I am just old school. I hope, I do as well gain confidence filing tax returns as I go through my career. I will have to use tax software and understand what it is asking and how to apply the numbers where. I know with faith that God will give me guidance....
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