acct 412 gdb4 reply

acct 412 gdb4 reply - God has done for us I do however...

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Christina DiGusto L23599763 13th Aug. 2011 Module 7 RE: Evaluate the ethicality of the gift and estate tax when earnings have been taxed throughout one’s life. Justify your answer I was on the opposite side of Miranda. I do think everything should be taxes when on dies. Not just because of the distribution of wealth but because of the economical reasons. The government receives a lot of income from estate taxes. This helps with the concept of not raising taxes so much. Yes, this cannot be budgeted, but when there is an overage then it can go to other programs that were not budgeted for. Now, with that being said it also opens up another aspect of this overage. It can create corruption. If no one knows about the overage, then it can be funneled somewhere else. It could also not go to the under funded programs as well. We would just have to hope that it would not be abused. The Bible speaks about paying taxes and helping everyone no matter his or her status in life. It is about love and making sure everyone is taken care of like
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Unformatted text preview: God has done for us. I do, however, disagree with an estate tax when it involves a surviving spouse. When it comes to surviving spouse, I believe there should not be an estate tax because the couple accumulated the wealth while together and therefore, should not be taxed like an inheritance. But this can also be abused as well. The Internal Revenue Service has taken noticed to this. There is the “deathbed gifts” where some try to avoid paying taxes by giving a gift to a person who is dying and then the spouse will get it without a penalty or extra taxes being paid (Willis, Hoffman, Maloney, & Raabe, 2010). Corruptions is everywhere in our lives so one must always look to God for guidance with problems. Reference: Willis, E., Hoffman, J. W., Maloney, D. M., & Raabe, W. A. (2010). South-Western Federal Taxation Comprehensive Volume 33rd ED. Mason, OH: South-Wewstern Cengage Learning....
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acct 412 gdb4 reply - God has done for us I do however...

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