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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECSE 352 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics 5 Rectangular waveguides 4.5 Rectangular waveguides References: Section 14.5 @AGK 4.5-1 Overview Rectangular waveguides are widely used in microwave pplications he orm f e nd ields ectangular applications. The form of the E and H fields in rectangular conducting waveguides is very similar to the parallel plate waveguide, with some obvious modification. We will determine the dominant mode for these typeofwaveguides, and learn why they will not support a TEM mode. We will also consider the factors that limit the maximum power that can be transmitted in a waveguide. ECSE 352 4.5-2 Learning outcomes After taking this class you should be able to: • Sketch the modes of a rectangular waveguide • Calculate the dominant mode of a rectangular aveguide waveguide • Calculate the maximum power level for a rectangular waveguide ECSE 352 4.5-3 Contents • Rectangular waveguides • Attenuation in rectangular waveguides • Power limits of rectangular waveguides ECSE 352 4.5-4
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Waveguide Concept Map Conductive boundary ielectric boundary Rectangular ylindrical geometry boundary Wave confinement Dielectric boundary Cylindrical Guided wave types sults in causes Propagation modes Transverse lectromagnetic Transverse magnetic results in have are electromagnetic TEM Cut-off frequency (TM) Transverse electric (TE) cause Have lower losses at igh frequency than Frequency dependent: have have Attenuation and dispersion ECSE 352 4.5-5 high frequency than transmission lines Impedance, phase, group velocity Rectangular waveguides • Rectangular waveguides provide confinement in both x and y.
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4.5 - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering...

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