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Chapter 12 Review CON252

Chapter 12 Review CON252 - for sheathing instead of wood...

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Chapter 12 Review 1. Light gauge steel framing components are constructed by sending galvanized sheets of steel through machines that fold it into the C shape or channel shape. 2. For the most part all of the characteristics of light gauge steel framing are the same as light wood framing. There are several differences, self-tapping screws are generally used to attach the members instead of nails, extra stiffening is required to prevent crushing from vertical loads, and special steel straps accomplish diagonal bracing. 3. It is done when construction needs to be noncombustible; gypsum board is used
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Unformatted text preview: for sheathing instead of wood paneling. 4. A perspective code allows a contractor to determine what gauge steel members will be required without having to consult an engineer. 5. Light wood framing and light gauge steel framing have similar advantages and disadvantages. Wood framing has better insulation properties and is used mainly in residential for this reason. Steel members are lighter, straighter, and not susceptible to insects. Steel framing is also noncombustible....
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