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Assignment 7 - 1 ECSE304 Signals and Systems 2 Fall...

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Problem Set 7 1 ECSE304 Signals and Systems 2 Fall Semester 20 11 McGill University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Problem Set 7 Distributed: Monday, March 28 , 20 11 Due : Thursday, April 7 , 20 11 Assignments can be worked in Groups of 2. A cover sheet, which is found at the bottom of the Assignments page in the ECSE304 webCT site, should be handed in with each assignment. MatLab Exercises In all MatLab Exercises, you are to show all your work and hand in both your MatLab code and the plots that you generate. Functions in MatLab for State Space Representations The lsim MatLab function takes a system described by state-space equations and runs a simulation of the system using arbitrary inputs and initial conditions. The command lsim (A,B,C,D,U,T,X0) plots the time response of the linear system: x Ax Bu y Cx Du = + =+ ± That is, the differential equation is integrated from time T(0) to T(length(T)), starting at the initial condition X0 and using the input U. The input vector must have the same number of entries as the time vector. If the initial conditions are all zero, X0 can be omitted. The ss2tf MatLab function takes a set of state-space equations and converts them to the equivalent transfer function. This is done using the command [num,den] = ss2tf (A,B,C,D,iu) . This command creates the numerator and
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Assignment 7 - 1 ECSE304 Signals and Systems 2 Fall...

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