WK 9 Capstone - Reflections

WK 9 Capstone - Reflections - their privacy When submitting...

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Reflections 1 Reflections Desiree’ Forgason August 7, 2011 XCOM 285 Robin Minard
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Reflections 2 Business communications play a large role in the day-to-day work activities. As, I reflect back on the various writing skills I gained throughout the course it has prepared me for the future courses and my future career. Learning the functions of management communications and the different types of communication within a business has allowed me to learn the proper way to communicate. Business writing is very important in the workplace. While I use the information, I learned in this course, it would support my career path I have chosen. The reason is that I will have to complete business writings and communication with others to complete a job and get the job completed properly. I plan to use all the information I learned in the future. I know my position in the business world and I will be honest and fair with others regarding
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Unformatted text preview: their privacy. When submitting documents is the form of e-mails, letters, and or memos, I know I have to give all the information and give the action that will be taken to solve the issue. I can use the information I learned to provide positive information to an individual or a group while communicating with them. This is needed when working with a group of people or one on one. This course has given me the knowledge on the work place laws and policies in regards to communication. The following are the steps I learned to use while completing a business writing. • Organize the material • Consider the audience • Write the paper (e-mail, letter, or memo) • Proofread the material before submitting • Edit and make corrections or changes • Submit the final...
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WK 9 Capstone - Reflections - their privacy When submitting...

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