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The Effects of Stress - Depression could arise if I do not...

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The Effects of Stress In this situation, all stages of general adaptation syndrome would be experienced. The initial stage is alarm. In this stage, I would feel completely overwhelmed with my promotion assignment. The response would be the physical and emotional “fight or flight” stance. The next stage would be resistance. In this stage, I would begin to learn how to cope with my new workload. The exhaustion stage can follow if care is not taken in the resistance stage. I would exhibit stress-related illness and fatigue in this stage. The pursuit of the promotion may cause cognitive and emotional responses, including depression, anger, and anxiety. The anxiety is a response to thoughts of inadequacy in the new position. Anger would be generated as a direct response to the overwhelming number of tasks being assigned. Especially if my new workload included work first assigned to other associates.
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Unformatted text preview: Depression could arise if I do not deal with the anxiety and anger properly. Health effects of ongoing stress many include immune system responses and depletion that can result in vulnerability to infections and disease. For example, when I am constantly in motion without balance in my work, my health will be negatively affected. People who do not cope effectively with stress often develop chronic headaches in these situations. The way to reduce the stress is to learn how to structure your workflow in an efficient way. This skill allows a person to multi-task their assignments in an organized and effective manner. Organization has long-term benefits since it will allow the individual to perform better in all aspects of their work, giving them a more relaxed working environment....
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