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Both colleagues and employers would be able to use this particular instrument in their work. It allows the examiner to highlight an individual’s performance strengths. Since all employers want to find staff members, who have high potential and perform well, this would be a valuable tool. An individual’s characteristics can be assessed with this instrument. This would allow them to make an assessment about a candidate’s suitability for a given position. Team members can utilize this tool to find a suitable team member who will collaborate with others in a team setting. This Expectancy for Success Scale can reliably reveal a person’s stress management responses as well as other individual characteristics. This test cannot be deemed valid because not all questions can be verified with a yes or no answer, but it is reliable. Several of the questions can only be verified through direst situational testing. Subjective material is also included in the
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Unformatted text preview: responses to the questions in the scale test. This indicates that the subject’s own perspective of themselves will show them in a more positive way that may actually be true. There are a great number of benefits that this test can yield. It does allow an evaluation of the subject’s abilities, traits, and skills. The individual is expressing their own assessment of their skills and their characteristics. The more honestly the person is able to conduct this self-assessment, the more they can learn about their own weaknesses and strengths. This will give the subject additional information that will help them to improve their future work performance. A serious shortcoming of such types of tests is that they are not an accurate depiction and misleading information may be garnered from the assessment that can lead to the subject carrying a false impression of themselves due to the information relayed in the assessment....
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