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Capstone Checkpoint - American and how each has handled the...

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I have learned the importance of trying to learn and understand not only the differences of a culture but also the similarities. For example, I can more easily relate to the Japanese Americans. I have found the majority of Japanese Americans have the same family values, work ethic, and the importance of education that I have. I understand that although my Irish and German ancestors had to deal with discrimination when first arriving in this country, it was not as harsh as the discrimination faced by the Chinese and Japanese. The some of the discriminations faced by Asians are still being faced by Asian Americans. I now have the comprehension of how so many Northern European immigrants suddenly outnumbered the Asian immigrants. As they were faced with the Chinese Exclusion Act and more Northern Europeans were being admitted at the same time. I have a better understanding of what experiences different races have faced to become an
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Unformatted text preview: American and how each has handled the discriminations. While some people turn to violence to deal with discrimination others have decided to live their lives to the best of their abilities no matter what was said and done. As more and more immigrants enter the United States each year either legally or illegally, the face and culture of the average American is changing. As more interracial marriages and relationships occur cultures are becoming blended for the children of these couples. By the year 2050, the number of blended families will possibly outnumber the single culture families. With these changes this country will have to adapt. The citizens and government will have to learn to let go of past prejudices and be more accepting of cultures different from our own. Then pass what we have learned and accepted to the future generations....
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