Week 1 Checkpoint 1 Defining Race and Ethnicity

Week 1 Checkpoint 1 Defining Race and Ethnicity - United...

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Week 1 Checkpoint 1 Defining Race and Ethnicity I believe that the term race can refer to a group of people by their skin color, hair color, or any number of physical features. Ethnicity refers to a person's nationality, tribal affiliation, religious or cultural beliefs. I think race and ethnicity is important to society in the United States, because these concepts help us to understand how or why some people react one way to a topic and other people react a completely different way. These two concepts also help to predict how a group might react to a situation or how this same group might provide help to a situation. The
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Unformatted text preview: United States has many different ethnicities and races among its people, which gives this country complex views on many subjects, such as the education of children, the health and welfare of its people, and the religious doctrines of the people. With these different views, we as a nation must take into consideration how a subject will effect each group of people and what might be their reaction. I believe with such diversity in this country is what makes us stronger and more culturally rich. Our nation may have its complexities, but that is what makes us a great country....
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