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Week 2 Checkpoint Implicit Association Test

Week 2 Checkpoint Implicit Association Test - same thing Mr...

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Week 2 Checkpoint Implicit Association Test My result to the Native IAT was little or no association between white American and Native American with foreign and American. I do not think the results are valid. I think that anyone and everyone in America is an American. To me it does not matter who a person's ancestors were or when and how they got to America, they are all Americans. I do not think that there is an accurate test to measure a person's prejudices. Anything can influence the results of a prejudice test. For example, the IAT results can be influenced by the fact if the person is dominantly right or left handed. If the person taking the test thinks they are going to judged by their answers that person might put what they think the tester wants to hear. However, I do agree with sociologist Robert Merton that prejudice and discrimination are alike but are not the
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Unformatted text preview: same thing. Mr. Robert Merton devised a way to differentiate the differences between prejudices and discriminations. His method is called typology. Typology divides prejudices and discriminations into four categories. These categories are an all-weather liberal, a reluctant liberal, a timid bigot, and an all-weather bigot. The all-weather liberal believes in and practices equality. A reluctant liberal's beliefs on discrimination are determined by social pressures. A timid bigot will only discriminate if it does not cost money and as long as their friends think it is alright. An all-weather bigot believes whole heartedly in his or prejudices and will on them accordingly; this type of bigot is the most extreme of racist....
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