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Lab01_SystemComponents_Answer_2011 - Subject CC2202...

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Subject : CC2202 : Computer System Architecture Lab/Tutorial : Session 1 (Answer) Identification Computer System Component Subject Lecture : Steven Chan Expected Learning Outcomes After you’ve completed this lab, you will be able to: - Recognize and identify key hardware components in personal computer - Retrieve view of the hardware that is installed on your computer - Co-relate the system components to Computer Top Level Structure Review Questions 1) A computer system basically consists of four sub-systems, they are: 1.___Central Processing Unit ________ 2.__Memory / Storage _______ 3.___Input / Output ________________ 4.__Systems Interconnection ___ 2) At the integrated circuit level, what are the three principal constituents of a computer? a) Gates, b) memory cells, and c) interconnections among gates and memory cells. 3) List and explain the key characteristics of a computer family? (You can refer to Table 2.6 and 2.8 of your text book) Similar or identical instruction set: In many cases, the same set of machine instructions is
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  • Summer '97
  • Personal computer, Universal Serial Bus, Expansion card, higher family members, typical connected motherboard

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Lab01_SystemComponents_Answer_2011 - Subject CC2202...

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