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CC2202-Computer System Architecture Lab 3 Page 1 Subject : CC2202 : Computer System Architecture Lab/Tutorial : Session 3 Floating Point Number Subject Lecturer : Steven Chan Number System 1) Convert 27.1875 10 to its binary and hexadecimal equivalent 2) Convert F.4 to its decimal equivalent. 3) Represent the decimal values 26 and –123 as 8-bit numbers in the following binary formats: a) sign-and-magnitude b) 2’s complement 4) Given the following binary numbers in 2s-complement representation. Perform the operations
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Unformatted text preview: and indicate if there are any results overflowed. a) 010110 -011111 b) 111110 -100101 5) Given the following Standard for 32-bit floating point number, as shown in figure 1, SignBit Exponent Significand 1 bit 8 bits 23 bits Figure 1 Note that: 1) Implied bit is used in the significand 2) The Exponent is 127 biased a) Find the decimal value of 1100 0101 0010 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000 b) Find the floating point representation of 13.625 10...
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